10 Top bridal makeup trends 2022


Every year at the start of a new year, we see new beauty trends bloom. So, what are the top bridal makeup trends in 2022? Well, we can safely say it's a mix of a sophisticated style and a bold appearance! 

Whether a bride loves a natural tone or a more striking look, this year’s trends will not leave anyone disappointed. What’s perfect about these trends is that you can experiment with and tweak each style, to suit your preferences. We have compiled the best bridal makeup trends of 2022 to make your special day, even more so!


1. Pink Lipstick

2. Luminous look

3. Black eyeliner

4. Floral hairstyle

5. Fuller eyebrows

6. Minimalistic look

7. Dewy skin

8. Highlighter

9. Individual eyelashes

The bright lipstick craze isn't going away anytime soon! All brides-to-be can choose any vivid shade of pink and slay the wedding party with confidence. You can also go for a natural look with little or no makeup, and those pink lips will do the job admirably. 

Pink is expected to be the color of the year in 2022, and we couldn't be happier! After all, the year has only just begun, and spring is the season of weddings; and this season, it will bloom with shades of pink. 

You can never go wrong with magenta, fuchsia, or any other rose-colored shades as well. The best part is that they'll all be in full swing at the same time. We are not the only ones who think so; every bridal stylist NYC agrees with us. Their suggestion is to keep various hues of pink on hand just in case, and rock that wedding. 

Needless to say, pink lips are timeless and will never go out of style; they are also really flexible and will complement your bridal gown, no matter the style or cut. If your gown is an off-white or pastel color, it will look even better!

We’ve got news for you - 2022 is all about glitz and glam. As a bride, you can jazz up your look with gloss or glitter on your cheeks and eyelids. You can opt for a bright or luminous appearance with a little dab of shimmer over your cheeks, or any other facial features that you would like to highlight. 

It will enhance your look, with minimal effort, and you'll be able to obtain your ideal glow in no time! In reality, this makeup trend is endorsed by most celebrities and international professional makeup artists. 

New York City is the epicenter of glitz and glam, and the bridal hair and makeup Manhattan enthusiasts swear by this aesthetic as well. This look has been increasingly popular among brides in recent years.

All this is for good reason, since it not only adds radiance, but also creates a natural, flawless, and soft appearance. Last year's trend was neutral eyeshadow, but this year's trend is shimmer eyeshadow. 

So, if you want to have some fun with your eye makeup for the wedding, add some sparkle to your eyelids. Your 2022 bridal appearance will be complete with silky hair and glowing skin. If you pair this look with exquisite hair accessories like a tiara or maybe a veil, you'll seamlessly achieve an elegant aesthetic to wow the crowd!

Even if eyeliner isn't something you use every day, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to go all out. In 2022, many brides will be sporting this strong eyeliner style. After all, why not? 

Applying eyeliner will give your overall makeup a more defined look by framing and highlighting the twinkle in your eyes while you marry the love of your life. Wedding images are more memorable, and you'll look stunning in them with dramatic black eyeliner. 

But the most crucial aspect is that all the products must be waterproof. This way, you won't have to worry about sweating or your makeup coming off. You can also be more creative if you are up for it.

You can go for a cat-eye, a winged eye, or even graphic eyeliners. Most makeup artists specializing in bridal hair and makeup in New York believe in a flirtatious approach. Your bridal style will certainly be spiced up with eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Every year, whether it's hair, cosmetics, or clothes, the makeup trends change. Hair-do is an important aspect of bridal makeup, so naturally, some of you soon-to-be brides may be concerned about whether a particular style will suit your face, dress, or makeup, but this trend is here to save the day.

In 2022, floral hair pieces will be everywhere. In fact, it is one of the most popular styles that brides request from bridal hairstylists in New York. 

Moreover, the fragrance of fresh flowers can glam up your outfit even more. It's also a sign of hope and happiness. If you want a more romantic look with a hint of mystery, a floral-inspired veil is the way to go.

These lovely blooms will complete your ensemble if your wedding is in the spring. Also, if the wedding is in the winter, artificial florals are a great option, or a loose updo with a few roses nestled in is another option. It's a sweet boho aesthetic that romanticizes the look. You might even put on a flower crown to transform yourself into a queen! 

What is the most significant, yet the most overlooked facial feature? We’ll say it’s the brows. If you think that in 2022 eyebrows won't be as big a trend in wedding hair makeup NYC as they were back then, you're so so wrong. 

Eyebrows are here to stay, and in 2022 they will not only reign supreme but will be one of the most irresistible bridal makeup trends. A colored brow gel is a popular choice among brides. 

It aids in the development of full, shapely brows. There have been various brow trends this year, ranging from thin brows to thick brows. Brides in 2022 will choose a more defined and fuller appearance, in a lighter shade. 

In recent years, small and intimate weddings have become the trend. Brides have been opting for a minimalist style, which is expected to continue this year too. They are going in for a natural makeup look as it looks magnificent, lovely, and promotes body positivity.

Owing to these reasons, no-make-up makeup and minimal looks have become the top bridal makeup trends in 2022. Minimalist makeup combines a flawless base, light pink lips, a little dab of blush on both cheeks for a flushed appearance, and shimmering eye makeup that is enhanced with mascara and eyeliner.

In 2022, brides want a more fresh and youthful look. If you want to opt for a no-makeup makeup look then you can choose this style. It can be difficult to get a dewy look, but brides can take up any challenge when it comes to a perfect wedding look. If that is the style you want to go for you can always rely on a trustworthy makeup studio in NYC. 

It is the ideal combination of a good primer and a dewy foundation. To achieve a subtle dewy effect, keep in mind that the key is to look as natural as possible. So, you can go for nude lips instead of solid eye makeup.

One of the most significant bridal makeup trends in 2022 is to highlight facial features. This trend was not seen in previous years, but this year it is coming back, and with the right highlight, you will shine. The most critical thing, however, is to use the right products. Using a highlighter can be difficult, but with the ideal one, you will look absolutely stunning!

Long and voluminous eyelashes add a flair of drama to any bridal look. Brides in 2022 want to make a statement with their stunning eyes. Naked eyes paired with attractive eyelashes, that are sometimes bejeweled, is currently popular. Glossy skin goes well with dramatic eyelashes. Flaming brows, dewy complexion, and striking eyelashes will be in style this year. 



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